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Sven Gloor


I live in Aesch with my wife and two small children. We really enjoy the fantastic infrastructure here.

An important relaxation for me is running. When time permits, I like to go jogging. Running is a way of unwinding for me and helps me recharge the batteries for my day-to-day work.

I have been working in real estate for more than 16 years now. Aside from further training in marketing planning, I have completed a variety of training courses in real estate marketing and real estate valuation.

What fascinates me about my job in particular is the great variety of people we come into contact with every day. Behind each and every one of them is a very personal story.

I have been an entrepreneur now since the end of 2010. It was always a dream of mine to be “my own boss” and put my own ideas into practice every day. What could be better than to live this dream with an old school friend? Thank you for your interest in our services. I would be delighted to meet you and get to know you in person.
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Jan Winteler


I was born in Laufen on 18 November 1980 and grew up in Breitenbach (with a brief interlude also in Reinach). I have two fantastic kids, who live with their mother. Today I live in a happy relationship in Aesch and enjoy every day.

In my spare time, I enjoy sports and - since the summer of 2013 - have been playing golf. You get to know the true character of a person after an 18-hole round of golf.

In my career, I have had a lot to do with people from my very first day at work. Identifying needs and offering appropriate solutions has fascinated me for more than 21 years. Feedback from satisfied customers, recommendations and even friendships born of business relations spur me on in my daily work. I already knew 10 years ago that I would work in real estate at some time, and I have now been working in this sector for around 8 years. During this time, I have completed all the required qualifications and further training so that I am now in a position to call myself an expert in calculating the market value of property and marketing it.

Seven years ago, in the midst of planning - and extending - our family, I listened to the career focus beating in my heart and set up in business with an old friend from my school days. We had talked 20 years earlier of one day owning a business together. It made me very proud that we achieved this goal!

Today I am living my dream and really appreciate this privilege!
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Marco Pirelli


Born and brought up in Laufen, I was drawn to the beautiful Schwarzbuebeland and moved to Büsserach in 2014, where my wife and I have realized our dream of owning our own home. The idyllic setting and closeness to nature offer a good balance with the day-to-day routine of work.

After attending high school in Laufen, I opted for a business apprenticeship with UBS AG in 2002. After 3 fascinating years as an apprentice, graduating with a vocational baccalaureate, I began my career as an assistant in private banking for clients domiciled in France.

In 2008, I moved to the department for private clients, where I had my own customer account first in Allschwil and then in Laufen. Aside from investments and pensions, I also provided my clients with advice on financing for home ownership. Sharing in the delight expressed by my clients when they fulfilled their dreams of owning their own home was always the most rewarding acknowledgement of my work as customer account manager.

In 2013, I took over as head of the Laufen & Breitenbach offices, where I was able to gather invaluable management experience and expand my network in the region. Even then, IMMO FAMILY AG was always a reliable partner for me. The frequent positive feedback from my customers at the time provided further confirmation of this impression. In my spare time, I love playing the drums. Whether in the band Out of Offiz, the Guggenmusik Oktaväsumpfer, the percussion ensemble Rhythm Project or other formations – music brings me enormous pleasure. My other hobbies include travel with my wife and a passion for cinema and movies.

After almost 15 years in the banking sector, I have now decided to apply my experience and my passion for real estate with IMMO FAMILY AG. I look forward to putting all this experience to work for you and helping you realize your dream of owning your own home!
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Annette Seiler-Riggenbach


Owning your own home means more to me than having a “roof over your head”. It’s the place where you enjoy life, love and laughter. The most beautiful home is only beautiful when it is full of love. As the daughter of a family of six, the living space was and always is extremely important to me. Living somewhere means having a place you can call home, an island, a place where you can cast yourself adrift and be entirely yourself, without any compromises. These are your own four walls. Family, life, the design and enjoyment of a nice living space – this is what my job is all about! I meet hundreds of people a year, and each one of them contributed a little to the enjoyment of my day-to-day work. With every encounter, I grow a little more and my grasp of the essentials is heightened for my clientele. We solve problems and become involved in very emotional situations, and this calls for a lot of empathy. I think you can sense my enjoyment and my passion for a job that I feel is my vocation. I speak English, French and Italian, neatly rounding off my profile for you. Many thanks for your interest in the IMMO FAMILY, which is more than just a name: it stands for how we do business.
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Nathalie Sprecher

Einkauf / Verkauf

I was born and grew up in the beautiful town of Laufen. While I have lived in various places in the cantons of Baselland and Aargau, my strong ties to Laufen and the people who live there have drawn me and my daughter back “home”.

We enjoy life in in our terraced house with a small garden, surrounded by the beauty of nature. It is a place where we can recharge our batteries, relax and pursue our hobbies. Since I love to go swimming in my free time, the nearby outdoor pool provides the perfect recreational balance.

Direct contact with customers and the individual character of people have always intrigued me, and this fascination has stayed with me throughout my career. My 20 years in the world of banking enabled me to express this zeal and passion in my work.

As a consultant for private clients, I advised customers on issues of finance, investments and pensions. I have always been very keen on finance, because it is an area associated with so many emotions. And drawing my customers into the dream of real estate was always a highlight of the job for me as well.

And thanks to the congenial and interesting collaboration with IMMO FAMILY AG, which reinforced my passion for the property sector still further, I decided to apply my knowledge and many years of experience to the purchase and sale of real estate. I would be delighted to help you find your dream property.
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Roger Gloor

Spezialist für Wohnen / Verkaufen im Alter

I was born in 1957 in Basel, where I also grew up.

After my schooling in Basel, I decided to do a commercial apprenticeship in logistics. After successfully completing my apprenticeship, I worked for five years as a forwarding agent with two different logistics companies.

It was during this time that I met my future wife in 1977. We moved into our first apartment together in Kaiseraugst. We married in 1981, and a year later saw the birth of our son Sven (today co-owner of IMMO FAMILY AG). In 1984, we moved to Breitenbach, where my wife originally came from and where we fulfilled our dream of owning our own home. In the same year, our daughter Nadine was born.

After my early years in logistics, I wanted a career change. And in 1982 I switched to the sales force of an American producer of photocopiers, fax machines and printers. I spent 23 very successful years with this company. In 2005, I then moved within the industry to Sharp Electronics Schweiz AG, where I worked until the end of August 2017, giving a total of 35 years in this industry.

My hobbies are the family with 4 grandchildren and also sport, especially football.

My wife and I also like to travel. We’re particularly taken with water (rivers and cruises), but also love walking and good food with a nice glass of wine in the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol.

IMMO FAMILY AG was established in 2010. For our family, of course, this whole experience was very up close and personal. And this makes me all the more delighted that I also have the good fortune to be a part of this company as from 1 September 2017.

With my many years of experience in sales, I’m convinced that I can fulfil not only my own objectives but also those of IMMO FAMILY AG.
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Stefan Misteli

Spezialist für Wohnen / Verkaufen im Alter / Spezialist Wohnen / Verkaufen im Alter

Born on 1 April 1960 in Münchenstein, where I also grew up, I spent some time also living in Frick and Aesch before eventually returning to Münchenstein, where I live today with my wife and two children in a beautiful home of our own. The flexibility and proximity to the city are very important for us.

Since 1987 I have worked in various functions within the insurance and financial sector, acquiring extensive knowledge of real estate, pensions and banking. As a long-time general agent and market area manager, I had the privilege of offering advice and support to a great many customers.

I have regularly undertaken further training in the course of my career, as it has always been important for me to offer added value for my customers and associates.

In 2005, I was awarded a diploma as financial adviser.

Today you can count on me as a single source for experience and service. Organization, coordination and efficient problem-solving have become hugely important in our digital world.

Golf and running are my spare-time passion. The opportunity to enjoy the wonderful moments of outdoor life and the company of great people is fantastic.

I look forward to the opportunity of offering you comprehensive advice and meeting your needs. Our established IMMO FAMILY service product “Selling in Old Age” and our unique “Carefree Package” will surpass your expectations.
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Cornelia Roth


I live in Aesch with my patchwork family (my partner and 5 children) in a house close to the boundary with Pfeffingen.

I was born in Dornach on 8 February 1979 and attended primary and secondary school in the village, before going on to high school in Basel, which focused in particular on mathematics and natural sciences, and then to business school in Reinach, where I graduated with a higher vocational diploma. It was during my training in the real estate department of Coop Pension Fund that I became acquainted with the world of real estate. I also completed various further training courses with the Swiss Real Estate Association (SVIT). In 2002, I embarked on a reorientation of my career, moving into the world of finance, where I attended further training courses and successfully completed a 2-year course of study on finance in 2012. For 11 years, I looked after the finance and human resources department of a furniture store and also the entire back-office department for SMEs. Since February 2015, I have been able to bring my knowledge to the operations of IMMO FAMILY AG and rekindle my passion for work in the world of real estate.

I most enjoy spending my spare time with my family. We love the various sporting activities that are suited to the season (hiking, skiing, ice skating, swimming etc.). I have also recently become an enthusiastic golfer and enjoy taking time out on the golf course with my partner.
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Anja Lutz

Standortleiterin Filiale Breitenbach

On 1 July 2017, I was accepted into the bosom of the IMMO FAMILY AG.
In the 14 years before this, I had worked in the world of banking, and it was this that brought us into contact with one another.

Besides my training in banking and gaining my vocational baccalaureate, I also completed a course of further study, graduating with a diploma in banking. In my previous function, I advised customers on issues concerned with investments, pensions and financing. What I enjoyed most in addition to pension planning was to provide my customers with support to help them realize their dream of owning their own home. If they found their dream home and the financing arrangements were right, that moment when I looked into their beaming faces always filled me with such great delight and satisfaction.

I grew up in Kleinlützel. Then I moved for a short time to the Birstal valley. And in 2014, I returned to my beloved “Chlilützel” together with my life partner. I describe myself as a real country bumpkin and enjoy the closeness to nature and the peace and quiet. I’m also heavily engaged in the community.

I am a member of the municipal electoral office, a delegate of the Kleinlützel municipality for the social region of Thierstein and responsible for the administration of our fire service. In May 2017, I was elected civic councillor for the new legislative period. The work for my village brings me a lot of pleasure.

In my spare time, I like to switch off and pursue my favourite pastimes of reading or walking. And in Upper Engadin I have found my “home from home”: this is where I prefer to spend my holidays, because time stands still in “Engiadina‘Ota” and I can leave behind the routine of day-to-day life.
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Judith Weidlich


I was born not far from Dresden, when Germany was still divided by a wall. But my sister and I still enjoyed a carefree childhood and lacked for nothing. We were brought up to be happy with little things. My diverse interests and ability to embrace a variety of different fields show through in both my professional and my personal journey.

After high school and my medical training, I ran a nutrition therapy practice for three years to help not only the sick but also the healthy.

Through my Swiss partner I was drawn to Switzerland in 2013. Here I worked first of all for an electrical engineering company and then for a private hospital in Basel in patient accounts.

By coincidence and good fortune, my path led me to IMMO FAMILY AG in August 2017, where I can prove my love of writing, research and working with photos. And I find the team is a perfect fit with my sense of humour and open, cheerful nature.

In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, reading and creating decorations made of of concrete and fabrics for my apartment.

The rest of my time I spend in the air flying home to visit family and friends up to 40 times a year.
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Reto Bernardi

Einkauf / Verkauf

I was born in Basel on 18.08.1976, but have lived in Kaiseraugst for 40 years, apart from a brief period in Maisprach. I grew up on the Liebrüti estate, which gave me the opportunity to make a lot of friends. For 6 years now, I have been living with my wife and son within our own four walls in a great house in the village of Kaiseraugst, just a stone’s throw from the Rhine. We really enjoy the atmosphere that the village and the Rhine offer us here.

I spend most of my spare time with my family. Now and then I play poker and also have a passion for good food and fine wine, which is why I have set up a small wine cellar. When we have the time, we like to travel or make short trips to recharge our batteries.

I have already had a varied career. After training as a designer in plant and machine engineering with F.Hoffmann-La Roche AG, I spent 6 years working on a project basis for various companies, from ABB through Ciba SC and Bombardier to Christ AG (today BTW Aqua AG in Aesch). After this, I worked in IT for 12 years with Coop and later with UBS, where I also met my wife. It was through her that I discovered the field of customer service and studied to gain an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in banking. In recent years, I worked as private customer account manager with UBS in the Gellert district of Basel and in Oberwil. I advised my clients on finance and property, stocks, investments and pensions. After 11 years with a big bank, I’m now delighted to be part of this great team.

In my various functions I have got to know a lot of people and look forward to getting to know you too.
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Tamara John


I was born in 1991 in Basel, where I grew up.
In Basel, I attended commercial college and successfully completed my vocational training with a traineeship at IMMO FAMILY AG.
This was followed by five years in the field of tax consultancy and accounting, where I worked both in accounts and in administration.
Although I found the world of tax consultancy and accounting fascinating with the variety that came from the many different clients and constant changes, for example through amendments to the law, it did not inspire me with the passion I felt when I worked for IMMO FAMILY AG.
Quite apart from the fact that real estate had interested me from an early age, it is the emotions and stories of people in this industry that move me in particular and motivate me to bring out the best in my performance.
I am delighted by my return to IMMO FAMILY AG and the interesting encounters that await me. I will also enjoy deploying my creativity and passion to provide you with the best possible marketing for your property. 

Since 2016, I have been living with my partner in Pratteln. I enjoy spending my spare time ideally with him, my family and my friends.
Music also plays an important part in my life, because I find for every mood there is always a fitting song that enhances the beautiful moments in life all the more or makes the sadness a little easier to bear. In 2011, I also discovered my love of musicals. Since then, I have been pursuing this hobby as often as possible and also like to combine visits to musicals with city breaks, for example in London, Hamburg or Berlin.
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Christine Erbsmehl

Leiterin Mandatsaufbereitung

I decided to switch to the real estate sector after 20 years working in the healthcare system and many years of management experience.

As the former manager of a Spitex organization, it was a big decision to venture the leap into real estate and make a profession of my hobby. As something of an aesthete with a flair for design, shapes, colours and materials, I’m fascinated by architecture and interior design.
In my private life, I have often bought properties and sold them again, from a house in the English country manor-style to a modern loft apartment flooded with light.
Fine living in a tasteful property is a basic need for me. And the matching interior decoration is also an essential part of this.
Home is a beautiful, comfortable house when the people who live in it shape it with their ideas and character.

From my many years of professional experience, I have learned to deal with different people and needs. I show a lot of empathy for people and am delighted when I am able to satisfy our customers. What brings me particular pleasure in my daily work is the fascination of advising so many different types of people and observing their enthusiasm.
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Joëlle Keller

Assistentin Marketing & Geschäftsleitung

Breathe in, breathe out… never hold your breath. That’s the rule in diving. I apply this basic rule in every life situation. Take a deep breath and go!

I was born in Aesch, where I also grew up. After 10 years of school, I enjoyed a period of work experience in a day centre and then completed an apprenticeship as retail assistant in the field of automotive spare parts logistics. In many areas of responsibility, I built on my strengths, eventually pursuing a further course of training as technical merchandiser.

After a fascinating 13 years in the same company, I felt the need for new experiences and made a profession of my hobby. As a receptionist at a large diving school in Egypt, I began my diving career. After 18 months, I wanted more and completed a course as diving instructor in Thailand.
Later, in Majorca, this allowed me to introduce a great many holidaymakers to my fascination with the underwater world.

Back in Switzerland, I applied my personal development and experience of life abroad at two large automobile companies.

When I’m not diving, I enjoy almost every free moment of my spare time on the golf course. The focus on getting the swing right and the search for perfection gives me additional energy for the day-to-day routine.

This also explains why I live directly by the golf course in Zwingen with my partner. I’m delighted to be a part of the IMMO FAMILY team and actively engaged in the business.
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Gabrijel Babic

Einkauf und Verkauf

I was born on 12 December 1994 in Allschwil and have lived there ever since. Since July 2017, I have been living alone in a rented apartment and am working to realise my dream of owning my first home. In July 2013, I successfully completed my apprenticeship, with a school-leaving certificate as university entrance qualification, at Credit Suisse AG, after which I worked behind the counter at the branch in Reinach until March 2016. Then I had the opportunity to join the customer service department, where I was given a portfolio advising customers on investments, mortgages and pensions. By this time, Immo Family AG was already an indispensable partner.

During my employment at the bank, I started a course of study in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), which I expect to complete in August 2019.

I spend a lot of my spare time with friends, who share my passion for football and the Basel carnival (Fasnacht). In addition, I have played guitar for more than ten years and also like swimming. After more than eight years in the banking sector, I am now motivated to apply my experience and knowledge of real estate and to learn a lot of new things at Immo Family AG.

I very much look forward to getting to know you personally and would be delighted to offer you the benefit of our advice!
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Stephane Haberthür

Leiter Bauwesen

Born on 10 November 1977 and raised in Alsace, I decided to pursue an apprenticeship in Basel as an electrician.
The obvious consequence of this decision was that I eventually moved to Switzerland, where I have now been living for many years in Magden. After my apprenticeship and various courses of further training in the construction industry, I changed direction for 2 years and worked in the automotive sector.
But since my passion lies firmly in the field of construction and real estate services, I have spent the last 11 years with an international company applying my expertise in a variety of areas, with the main focus on general contractor work in the field of shop-fitting. I’m now looking to apply all my 20 years of experience to the whole range of real estate projects of IMMO FAMILY AG and their clients, be it a family house, an apartment block or a shop-fitting project.
Outside work, my passion is for cars and for spending time with my nearest and dearest. Now I’m really looking forward to being part of the family and continuing to offering lots of clients my personal support
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Dieter Baur

Dieter Baur

Member of the advisory board

I was born in 1957 and have two lovely sons, Marc and Joel, from my first marriage. They are now grown up and going their own way in career and private life.

Today I live with my wife Corinne and step-daughter Jasmine in Frenkendorf, where we enjoy a great time together. I have been through many career stages: from branch manager with Migros, through food buyer with the University Hospital Basel and sales manager with Nestlé to sales manager with Unilever.

People have always been an important focus for me – and enthusiasm for learning new things and putting them into practice. And so at the age of 55, I made another career change and found my way to WBZ Reinach, working part-time as a member of the field force in the graphics sector, while also serving as an adviser in a training company and working for a wine store. In addition, I undertake a wide variety of fixed-term assignments. And for almost 20 years I have been running my painting school, which I enjoy enormously.

In January 2017, I completed my training as a holistic nutrition consultant and as mental coach. And after this training period, we now follow a vegetarian diet in the whole family. In my spare time, I enjoy sport and live life to the full.

For more than a year now I have been working for IMMO FAMILY AG on a retainer basis in the area of staff training and also as a member of the advisory board.

Since July 2017, I have also been responsible for interviewing buyers and vendors, which is now on a fixed part-time basis.

I look forward to new things, the team, people like you and great encounters and moments.
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