Selling real estate

Have you decided to sell your property or building plot? This is often an emotional decision that requires professional support. We always take your personal situation and your reasons for selling into account.
IMMO FAMILY AG accompanies you throughout the selling process and always keeps you up to date.


  • Comprehensive personal advice
    You profit from our experience and expertise.
  • Realistic sale price
    We calculate the market value of your property together with you and our partner banks.
  • Professional marketing and sales concept
    We complete your sales documentation and compile a detailed set of documents both for prospective buyers and for banks.

Marketing activities

  • Sales particulars of your property
    These particulars will be put up in our display windows and in various banks in the Basel region.
  • For Sale sign outside your property
    We will put up this sign after consulting with you and send a flyer to more than 100 neighbours.
  • Letters to customers
    We will write to all customers in our file.
  • Sales activities on the internet
    We will place your property on numerous websites.
  • Ads in local print media
    We will advertise your property in selected print media.
  • Presentation at pharmaceutical and chemical companies
    We will promote your home or building land to selected partner companies in personal presentations.
  • Mention in our IMMO FAMILY AG publications
    house journal, newsletter

Property handling process

  • Implement defined marketing activities
  • Respond to queries received by phone/mail/internet, as well as from walk-in customers
  • Send out sales documentation/sales details
  • Viewing with prospective buyers
  • Correspondence with prospective buyers
  • Weekly report of activities
  • Clarify financing prospective buyers’ options
  • Conduct sales negotiations
  • Clarify details with the authorities
  • Organize signing of contract
  • Support with the notarization and handover of keys
  • Read meters on the day of completion and notify offices responsible