About us

IMMO FAMILY AG guarantees that all real estate in our portfolio of properties for sale is offered at a fair market price. Every house and every apartment as well as every plot of land has been personally inspected and valued by us. We can guarantee you as a prospective buyer that all the all real estate in our portfolio can be financed by Swiss banks, according to the usual standards.

Why should IMMO FAMILY be your real estate agent?

As a rule, selling real estate takes up a lot of time and is very demanding. It is often a highly personal affair that is associated with a great many emotions. So you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions:
  • Do I sell the property myself or do I commission an agent?
  • What advantages does an agent offer me?
  • Which agent suits me best?

We will show you why it makes sense to put the sale in the hands of a real estate agent like IMMO FAMILY AG:

You are not simply giving away money

We know the market and make an accurate valuation of your property.

Make efficient use of your time

Some properties attract the attention of several prospective buyers each day, requesting sales documentation or appointments to view the property. We have the experience to qualify potential buyers, so you can make efficient use of your valuable time.

Profit from the expertise of IMMO FAMILY AG

Selling real estate is a complex business that involves a lot of legal work. Added to which there are countless issues that have to go through the authorities. We know these procedures inside out and make sure they are optimally handled.

Our expertise – your advantage

The standard market fee is only payable in the event of a sale. If we don’t sell your property within a reasonable timeframe, our services cost you nothing. All marketing activities are at all events financed by us.

We keep a record of all activities concerning your property using state-of-the-art software. You receive a detailed weekly report from us on all activities, such as queries from prospective buyers, viewings and so on.

We offer you a consultation with no strings attached and will value your house, apartment of building land according to strict and reputable guidelines. We then leave it up to you to decide whether IMMO FAMILY AG is also the right partner for you.