Selling real estate after retirement

Older people often find it difficult to part with their home. But we all know that the time will eventually come when you have to let go. So in principle, it is preferable to do it sooner and on your own terms rather than too late. We are happy to offer our support in this process with our Carefree Package.

This is where I want to live in the future

It is often not easy to part with your home after many years spent in the comfort of its four walls. At the same time, we are confronted with the question: where and how do I want to live in the future?

We offer support for you on this issue with our “Carefree Package”. Here the priority is not to sell your home as quickly as possible, but to move house with advice and support in a way that is appropriate to your age and is not burdened by time constraints. Our specially trained staff has sufficient life experience to provide optimum support in this process.

In parallel with the sale of your home, we will also look for a nice new home for you that conforms to all your wishes and criteria, so that you can cope on your own for as long as possible. What is right for you: a rented apartment, an apartment of your own or sheltered housing? Your ideas will be diverse; our network is too. We can help you realize your dreams when it comes to housing.

The “Carefree Package”

The buying and selling of real estate involves various issues that have to go through the authorities and many other appointments, e.g. with the notary and the bank. We will provide you with support here and with our many years of experience in the real estate sector will ensure that these procedures are completed with the utmost speed and at the best possible conditions.

To ensure that you always have an overview, we will compile a dossier for you with all relevant documents.

We will make the steps to your new home as agreeable as possible. On request, we will organize everything that needs to be done with regard to the move: from packing crates and undertaking the move itself to selling or disposing of your furniture. We will ensure your old apartment or house is ready for the handover, dealing with possible renovation work and the final clean including delivery of the property. All you need to do is turn up at the meetings in question.